How to Install DIY Large Wall Decals

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Do you feel that your bedroom is empty and unattractive? Do you need something to polish the room but you have no idea? You need to try installing large wall decals. Wall decal or wallpaper is a common item to beautify the bedroom wall without having to renovate or buy many wall paints. There are many wall decal stores that will give you the best designs. Here, we will show you the easy ways to stick the wall decals in the bedroom.

When you buy wall decals, they must be in a roll. Before you start working with DIY large wall decals, you need to straighten first the paper. You will find that these large wall decals cannot be 100% straight because they have been rolled for a long time. Straighten the wallpaper by placing heavier items on the corners of the paper. For example, you can place your phone or note on the corners of the paper. You can even place the paper in reverse.

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Before you stick the large wall decals, make sure that the paper is dry and clean. If you are not sure, you need to clean it first using paper towels or any cleaner. To make sure that the paper is dry, use the hair dryer. Place the paper in a large space, like on the floor or on a large table. It helps you to draw the line or spot which you will trim and stick on the wall. There are three parts of the paper: backing paper, decal, and transfer tape.

When you start to stick the wallpaper, you need to start from the corner of the wall. It aims to ensure that the sticker is straight following the wall line. You need patience in applying large wall decals. Don’t hastily put off the backing paper if the decal is not steady yet. If you think you have done with sticking the wallpaper, you can put off the transfer tape carefully. If necessary, you can use both hands.

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